NoRNC Phone Tech and the Evolution of Indymedia

Rabble of Anarchogeek worked this past week on a very cool last-minute project to make all sorts of information available by phone to protestors and reporters on the streets in NYC.

He also posts his thoughts on the evolution of Indymedia, which I think are spot on. He identifies some strenghts of Indymedia, which I couldn’t agree with more:

Indymedia is a media system built upon the premise that only by radical participation in a communal discursive space can a new conception of politics be created. It is this open publishing, participatory media making network which invites a broad spectrum of social movements to participate that makes indymedia special. …

We decided to not have a central office or staff.

We decided not to have presidents, directors, staff, or elections. ….

We’ve appropriated technology as an essential tool for radical social change.

We decided that each imc should be allowed tremendous autonomy. …

We’ve decided that we don’t care too much what other people think of us.