5 Urbana-Champaign IMC Reporters Arrested in NYC, 2 Released

This is an example of how pre-emptive arrests by the NYPD could hit at any moment, even at the most peaceful of marches and actions.

Yesterday afternoon five reporters from the U-C IMC were at the War Resisters March, starting at Ground Zero and planned to go to Madison Square Garden for a die-in. Just a few blocks into the march, the police ordered marchers to go double-file on the sidewalk. Marchers complied, but then police pulled out the orange mesh barriers and penned in about 200 of them. After about an hour, modified city buses were pulled up and everyone was arrested.

Urbana IMC volunteers have been at the IMC taking phone calls from reporters in NYC since Sunday, recording the calls and posting text summaries and the audio to the U-C IMC website. So, yesterday’s summary reflects the sequence of the arrest as U-C IMC reporters called in.

All of the arrested reporters were hauled off to Pier 57, which is a former bus depot turned into a holding tank, now nicknamed “Guantanamo on the Hudson.” By all reports, the floor of the depot is coated thick in old oil and engine waste, which detainees are forced to sleep in . There are reports of people breaking out in rashes after being released.

Using a smuggled-in cell phone, two U-C IMC reporters called in reports this morning from Pier 57. You can listen to Sarah’s and Zach’s descriptions of the conditions.

The two male reporters were released around 5 PM CDT today. They were charged with disorderly conduct and parading without a permit and released ACD (Adjourned considering Dismissal). Zach called in a full and detailed report of the whole experience which you can listen to.

Unforunately, the three female reporters who were arrested have not yet been released. Volunteers are still staffing the IMC waiting for word of their release.