1 More U-C IMC Reporter Released from Custody; Most Detainees May Be Released Soon

I just got off the phone with the IMC and they tell me that one of the female reporters was released just about 20 minutes ago. Now they’re waiting for the last two. They haven’t called the IMC, but we do know that they’ve recently talked to their parents, indicating that they’re still OK.

According to NYC IMC a judge ordered that one group of arrestees is to be released before 1 AM tonight, and that anyone charged with a citation or midemeanor is to be released before 9 AM. The NYC DA has filed an appeal to this order that may or may not be heard before 1 AM.

The legal team is confident that the judge will rule in favor of the writ. In which case, they will have to start releasing everyone. NYC IMC also notes that a judge is currently on his/her way to Pier 57 to determine whether or not conditions there are suitable for detention.

There are legal observers and medics waiting outside of central booking as a crowd cheers when people are released. Medics are treating minor injuries and helping people get cleaned up. There is discussion about lawsuits over the pre-emptive arrests and the ugly conditions of Pier 57.

A caller to the IMC reports that there is a growing police presence at Central Booking as the crowd of released persons and supporters grows.