What Makes Independent Media Tick?

Political journalist Kirsten Anderberg rounded up a small array of independent media makers for some Q & A on what motivates them, and what they think can be done to improve the state of independent and alternative media.

My pal Aj’s zine gets mad props from one of the interviewees:

1. What are your three favorite alternative media sources in general?:

Christa (Ladyfriend): “I like Bust and Venus a lot. I don’t know how “alternative” those are anymore, but I also love zines like the East Village Inky, Low Hug, Found, the Visible Woman, and a whole lot of independent comics.”

I find exercises like this multi-interview to be interesting and valuable reading. Getting answers from different folks on a common question opens up the variety of methods a little more, and let’s the reader do some compare and contrast.

Editor Mickey Z takes a similar tact with The Murdering of My Years:
Artists and Activists Making Ends Meet
, a book I enjoyed, and that helped to remind me that there is a diversity of approaches to living and working, without being bogged down in typical activist dogma.