Protester Tech Against the RNC

Writer and blogger Paul Schmelzer has posted a “writer’s cut” of a piece he’s written for the upcoming issue of Adbusters that gives an overview of the guerrilla technologies that will be used by RNC protesters.

Two of the technologies use unlicensed radio to spread information. The more interesting, and disruptive, application is:

Flash radiojacking: Jeremijenko and the Bureau of Inverse Technology (BIT), will use a special transmitter to break into radio frequencies reserved for corporate stations, giving bursts of information so brief that the FCC canÂ’t lock onto their transmission location.

I’m curious to know how much power they plan to use. It’s easy to blot out a full-power station for just a few blocks with a micropower transmitter under 100 watts, but it’s harder to overwhelm a multi-kilowatt commercial station for a bigger area, especially if the transmitter is on the ground. But the unique topographical environment of Manhattan, with all the tall buildings, should make for interesting results.

From the looks of things at this point, I think it’s fair to say that planning and strategy for anti-RNC protests are probably better organized than any mass actions in th US since the WTO in Seattle and the 2000 RNC.