Court Overturns FCC’s Loosened Media Rules, Sends Them Back for Review

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals today overturned the FCC’s loosened media rules, ordering the FCC to take a second shot at it. According to a post at Reclaim the Media:

Andrew Jay Schwartzman, President and CEO of the Media Access Project, and lead counsel for the citizens groups in Promtheus Radio Project v. FCC, has issued the following statement as his first reaction to the decision of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals reversing the FCC’s June 2, 2003 decision deregulating media ownership. A longer statement will follow:

Mr. Schwartzman said:

“WeÂ’re doing high four and a halves. This is a big, big win for diversity. It looks like the court agreed with us that preserving democracy is more important than helping big companies grow bigger.

“It will take a few hours to sort it all out, but the Court has told the FCC to take its deregulatory thumb off the scale.”