Rebel Video: Free Radio Austin and TV Piquetera

Demand Media is a community video portal where folks can submit links to independently produced video available on the ‘net, especially videos with an underground, radical bent.

A pointer to a documentary of the Free Radio Austin bust, which happened back in 2000, was just posted (the video resides at Indybay).

I saw the raw video that FRA volunteers shot when I attended the Reclaim the Media conference in Sept. 2002. Readying themselves for FCC action, FRA volunteers had encased the station’s transmitter in a weatherproof container and buried several feet deep behind the station. When the FCC came to shut them down, the DJ on air called for listeners to come and observe, and so on the video you get to watch a gathering of angry listeners jeer the FCC agents as they roll up their sleeves and dig up the transmitter.

My pal John Anderson from conducted an interview with FRA volunteer Reckless at Reclaim the Media, which aired on the Sept. 20, 2002 edition of the radioshow (and is available for download).

Another very cool video is a documentary on TV Piquetera, which is a mobile Argentinian TV station run by and for the Piquetera movement of the poor and unemployed that played a key role in toppling the Argentine government after the fiscal collapse, and has since enabled workers to take over abandoned factories and businesses, turning them into worker-run collectives.