When Will We See Hi-MD?

In the last couple of months I’ve talked to a number of people looking into buying some portable audio recording equipment, and I’ve recommended to them to wait until Sony’s new minidisc format, Hi-MD arrives, especially since it’s been confirmed that Hi-MD will allow users to upload self-recorded audio from the MD to a PC. Originally, it was announced that Hi-MD units would arrive in mid-April, but they’re not here yet.

So, many of these folks who I advised to wait for Hi-MD have been asking me when it will arrive.

Now it looks like mid-May will be the time. Minidisc.org notes that minidisco.com — probably the best minidisc mailorder store — is taking pre-orders for mid-May delivery. J&R music world in New York City is also taking pre-orders for some models.

This isn’t an endorsement of either of these retailers, and I don’t get any kickbacks. Though I have ordered stuff from both of them and had good experiences. I will note that minidisco.com is a primary supporter of the valuable minidisc.org site.

Now I’m just debating which model to get and whether or not to pre-order.