U of I Anti-Chief Sit-In To End

The protestors currently occupying the University of Illinois administration building have reached some kind of agreement with university chancellor Nancy Cantor, and are leaving the building.

They’re holding a joint press conference at 4:00 PM, and Drew is getting ready to cover it for today’s radioshow at 5:30 PM and possibly for U-C IMC Radio News.

I stopped by the sit-in this afternoon around 2:30 PM and spirits seemed pretty high amongst the few dozen supporters outside the building. I talked with a friend who had been there at 1 AM this morning. The administration building is in the heart of campus and very close to the most popular frat bars, so apparently the area was crawling with drunken, oblivious frat boys at 1 AM.

U-C IMC reporter Zach reported on the overnight situation.

As an aside, the U of I has the largest “Greek” system in the US going by raw numbers, and, additionally, Champaign-Urbana still allow 19 year-olds to go to the bars, even though officially they can’t drink. So we have a ready-made population of clueless, over-privileged, heavy-drinking undergrads, who are predisposed to blindly support any university tradition, no matter how racist, demeaning or moronic. And given the apparent popularity of such sports as “cat fights” at the most popular frat bars, they don’t have much of a grasp of the concept “demeaning” anyway.