Radio Free Brattleboro Wins Public’s Authority to Broadcast

John alerts me to the fact that Radio Free Brattleboro won the support of nearly 2/3 of Brattleboro voters who pledged their support of the station in this ballot initiative:

“We, the undersigned registered voters of Brattleboro, Vermont, request that the following advisory question appear for vote by Australian ballot on the Town Meeting Ballot at the March 2, 2004 election:

“Shall the voters of Brattleboro give to radio free brattleboro (rfb) authority to broadcast until such a time that a Low-Power FM license is issued to radio free brattleboro or to another non-profit, locally-based, community group which is prepared to offer to the Town of Brattleboro diverse, all-access, non-commercial, community radio?”

This amazing show of community support for Brattleboro’s only community radio station comes as the FCC uses the courts to try and shut RFB down.

It’s heartening to see people speak up in defense of a true community communications resource, regardless of license or federal recognition. It makes me wonder what will happen in the streets of downtown Brattleboro if the FCC wins its case to shut down RFB. Will federal marshals have to face down 2/3 of the town?