Ben Bagdikian Updates His Classic Analysis of Media Monopoly

Editor and Publisher has a quick note that a new edition of The Media Monopoly will be out in May, containing seven new chapters.

Bagdikian has updated the book regularly since first publishing it in 1983. The saddest part of this process has been that in every update the list of media conglomerates shrinks ever smaller:

” Since then, according to a Beacon press release, the number of corporations controlling most of the country’s newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations, book publishers and movie companies has shrunk from 50 to 10 to 5.”

The Media Monopoly is the best place to start if you want to learn more about how the corporate media conglomerates operate and control nearly every form and facet of the global media, from print publishing and music to film and television. Bagdikian’s analysis is clear and logical, and his research is top-notch.

I am very curious to see what is new in the forthcoming edition, and if it will be time to update my copy.