Indianapolis Bookstore/Infoshop Raided by Police

Per a report made to News:

“Thursday, August 14th, at approximately 9:00 pm. After forming an initial perimeter in the 2 blocks around the collective space, the police proceeded to pull over 2 cars as they tried to leave, claiming minor traffic infractions. The police then moved in on the space itself. Tickets were issued to many of the cars parked outside, as fire marshalls demanded entry to make a safety inspection. These marshalls lacked any documentation of a complaint or report, let alone a warrant. Nevertheless, they not only entered the house, but they were accompanied by police officers who were supposedly protecting the marshalls. These police officers then searched every room in the house, including the personal belongings of the collective members who live on the second floor.

These police officers were shortly followed by officers with the ATF, bomb squad, and the Seattle Police Department (who stated that they were acting as consultants to the Indianapolis Police Department over the weekend). There were no weapons or other contraband in the space.

It’s interesting that the fire inspectors were used as an excuse to enter the space, only to bring in a whole array of cops, including ones from Seattle. Back in May fire and building inspectors were also used to gain entry to two collective spaces in St. Louis, one of which houses the St. Louis IMC, eventually shutting down one of them, Bolozone.

Just a day before the St. Louis raids, the Urbana IMC was also temporarily shut down by fire inspectors, without warning. Although no cops were involved, Urbana’s mayor expressed extreme hostility towards representatives of the IMC who demanded explanations for the action, that city officials eventually admitted was an overreaction.

I don’t doubt for a minute that all aparatus of local, state and federal government are being called on to join in the harassment of those who are working for a better way of life. The Indy cops were apparently looking to strike fear into organizers of protests against the upcoming National Governors’ Association meeting that happens there soon.

On the bright side, the infoshop volunteers were able to mobilize over 30 people to quickly come to the space to witness and videotape the cops, and no arrests were made. Infoshop and protest organizers are asking people to come to the protests, which start today, in order express solidarity and support.






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