New Look, Server

It looks like the DNS change has propagated through most of the North American Internet, and so today is the first day of seeing the new page for most of you. As I alluded to before, I’ve changed blog software to Moveable Type, which runs on the new server and provides a much more flexible back end. It also allows me to wean off of ftp — which is required to use blogger . The entire old database of postings is still available, so nothing is lost.

Two nice additional features of MT are comments and categorization. For a while — more than a year ago — I made some effort to go though my posts and pick out longer pieces and put them together by category under the rubric of mediageek commentaries and the mediageek file. But, obviously, that took too much effort to keep up. I hope MT will make this a bit easier by letting me categorize each post and then group them together. Not sure if I’ll have the time (or stomach) to go back and categorize past posts.

And I hope that some of you may use the comment feature, too, as a way to make this site a little more interactive.

Finally, the new server is a community server project that’s run in conjunction with our local IMC. The idea is to provide low-cost web-hosting to local non-profit projects and community organizations that allows them to run .cgis and other net apps — something typically not included with most low-cost web hosting. It’s something I want to support, and is also beneficial since I want to run MT.






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