I want to say thanks

I want to say thanks to Ev of Blogger who responded to my e-mail that I sent about my concern over the search terms being used to help bloggers find other blogs covering the sad acts of terror this morning (see last entry). He noted that he does not have time to change the search terms, since he spent a lot of time getting the search to work in the first place, but recognizes that they do limit what comes up. This disclaimer has been added to the custom search page.

From what Ev wrote in his disclaimer, I think it’s safe to assume I’m not the only one who pointed this out. I hope the other e-mailers were civil and appropriately appreciative of Ev’s efforts. Too often in the net environment it seems like there are people too willing to piss all over another person’s good efforts just because it doesn’t quite meet their standards or is not quite perfect. You can see too many examples of this in the comments posted to Slashdot. I have little tolerance for this and find it to be completely counterproductive. Still, fair and constructive critique and suggestions are a necessary part of growing better things (software, groups, organizations, institutions, etc.), and so we can’t either be afraid to dish it out or take it. Ev earns my respect for being honest and open in hearing sincere feedback on his work.






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