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Denver Rap Pirates Visited by FCC

p>A Westword article details the quick life and death of a pirate rap station in Denver that played local music when the local commercial urban station wouldn’t.

It looks like the station wasn’t particularly clandestine. They apparently were just visited by field agents who served a “written warning” (probably a “notice of apparent liability”) but let them keep their equipment. Of course, those who’ve been paying attention to their pirate radio lessons know that FCC agents aren’t cops and without a warrant you don’t have to let them in, and they can’t confiscate anything. …

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Berkeley Liberation Radio Raided by FCC

I just received an e-mail on the IMC-Audio list that says the California unlicensed FM station Berkeley Liberation Radio (BLR) was raided by the FCC this morning “confiscating all equipment (leaving only headphones and microphones). The local Field Office refuses to comment, referring phone calls to the Enforcement Bureau in Washington (which has gone home […]

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