Archive | July, 2006

Same News, New Channels — A Different Sort of NewsCentral

Those Google News alerts are occasionally worth something…. Today my alert set for “Sinclair Broadcast Group” brought me this little gem from the PR Newswire, announcing that my local Central Illinois Sinclair-owned stations will now be producing the 9:00 PM nightly news broadcast for the local FOX affiliates, too, which are not owned by Sinclair. […]

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Making Sense of the New Hi-Def Camcorder Format

The new PC World column from Richard Baguley, also my guest on today’s radioshow, is about the new AVCHD format for recording HD video to DVD-R and hard drives. I mentioned the new format as part of Sony’s announcement of two new HD camcorders last week. The main point of functionality I wonder about is […]

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