Archive | February, 2006

Trouble Downloading Radioshow?

It’s a little after midnight and the radioshow site isn’t responding. I’ve got a support request in, but it’s late. So if you need to download the radioshow (like, if you’re one of the show’s affiliates), the show itself isn’t off-line, here’s a link: mediageek 2-3-06 broadcast quality mp3 With luck, things will be cleared […]

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What Congresscritter Can Say ‘No’ to Network Neutrality?

Tuesday morning the Senate Commerce Committee takes up the issue of net neutrality, which I believe is the most important issue on the nation’s telecomm agenda this year. As Ben Scott, Policy Director for Free Press, pointed out on this week’s radioshow, Congresscritters aren’t weighing in definitively yet on the issue, and the devil will […]

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