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Don’t Forget the Shortwave Pirates

Ragnar Daneskjol, producer of the Pirates’ Week podcast, has gone live with his Shortwave Pirate website. Like the more widely known FM pirates, shortwave pirates are unlicensed broadcasters who use the shortwave bands to reach a good portion of the continent, and sometimes the globe. Because the shortwave bands have variable propagation patterns, shortwave pirates […]

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Even more HD… Sony announced palm-sized HDV cam

Yes, I do think this will be the year that hi-def video recording becomes mainstream for advanced amateurs and independent videomakers. Sony just announced a small palm-sized HDV camcorder with a retail price around $1700, the HDR-HC3E. It’s a single CMOS chip cam, like the HDR-HC1 I blogged about on Monday, only the new one […]

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