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BBS Documentary Now Shipping

I know I’m a few days late on this, but I want to send congratulations to guy Jason Scott because his enormous BBS Documentary DVD project has just started shipping.

I haven’t yet seen it (guess I’d better get my order in), but I can only guess that this is an important historical documentation of a phenomenon that laid the groundwork for the modern internet and many of the principles of free communication that we’re trying to preserve today.

I spoke to Jason about his archiving activities and the documentary on the Feb. 4 edition of the radioshow.

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Welcome New Radioshow Affiliate: Flirt FM, Galway, Ireland

I’m glad to announce that the mediageek radioshow has now gone global, with Flirt FM 105.6 in Galway, Ireland picking up the show to air during its Kaleidoscope slot on Wednesdays from 12:30 – 13:00.

My friend and fellow ICR student Andrew O’Baoill is a founder and alumnus of the station, and it appears that folks at the station found mediageek because Andrew had been a guest some months back to discuss community radio in Ireland.

Andrew has promised to help out by feeding me some media news from Ireland and elsewhere in the EU.

This brings the total number of licensed mediageek affiliates to three. The unlicensed affiliates are a little harder to count, due to the fact that their scheduled can be more erratic — but they’re just as welcome.

Contact me if your local station might be interested in airing the program.

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