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Media EmergenC in San Diego

Now this is a reason to go to San Diego in early October — The National Association of Broadcasters is holding its annual Radio Show convention in San Diego on Oct. 6 – 9. The San Diego IMC along with Free Radio San Diego and other local organizations is hosting Media EmergenC, an independent media […]

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eMusic Relaunching

The relaunch of mp3 download service Emusic would ordinarily be a little outside what I usually cover here, except for the fact that I used to be a happy customer during their unlimited download subscription days. Well, I also think that eMusic has distinguished itself in the typically stupid and corrupt music industry by focusing on independent labels and artists and allowing DRM-free mp3 downloads.

Today the Times and CNet both report that eMusic is relaunching with a renewed focus on independent labels and artists, while adding some editorial content.

According to these articles, eMusic has a company representing independent artists and labels on-line, along with a division that records bands live in clubs, which should expand the array of music that isn’t available elsewhere.

Unfortunately, it looks like eMusic has no plans to go back to the all-you-can-download subscription. But, their cost is still about a quarter of iTunes 99 cents per song. When eMusic first ditched their old subscription plan I thought I’d never return. But now having browsed around the Apple and Real download sites, both charging about a buck a download with limited rights to burn and none to share, eMusic looks pretty good.

Not sure if I’ll rejoin, but I’ll probably browse around some after the relaunch.

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