Pirate Radio Covering RNC Protests

Sue Carpenter, author of 40 Watts from Nowhere, files an article for the LA Times on the decentralized network of pirate stations that will carry the audio webstreams out of NYC:

Beginning today, RNC protesters plan to use wireless phones to call in live, in-the-trenches reports that will be streamed over the Internet and picked up for rebroadcast nationwide on community-based micro radio stations — some licensed, most illegal.

“It has become sort of a thing that whenever there’s a big protest like this, someone sets up a pirate radio station the same as someone setting up the food truck or the sound system,” said Pete Tridish, a longtime activist and founder of the Philadelphia-based Prometheus Radio Project, an advocacy group for legal, noncommercial micro-radio broadcasters. “Someone knows how to start a radio station, and so someone does it.”

There are two major radio streams going on:

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