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In today’s Salon, reporter Eric Bohlert further deconstructs Clear Channel’s recent born-again decency:

“But the pattern seems clear: Clear Channel turns a deaf ear to continuous complaints about its rampant consolidation and hardball business practices, but when Capitol Hill shows interest, the company springs into action.

‘They don’t want to be before Congress and they don’t want to be an issue in Washington because it’s bad for business,’ says Robert Unmacht, former publisher of the radio publication M Street Journal. ‘I have a tough time giving them credit for this indecency initiative because I think it’s all a reaction to Congress.”‘”

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Hello New Mediageek Readers

As it happens every so often, traffic to the site today is nearly triple the average, mostly due to people doing websearches regarding Bubba the Love Sponge’s firing and Clear Channel yanking Howard Stern off six whole stations.

To those of you encountering mediageek for the first time: welcome. If you came here thirsty for information about Bubba, Clear Channel, and poor ol’ Howie, I suggest you check out some of the archives, especially the media ownership archives. I think you’ll find it enlightening (or at least bothersome).

To the regular mediageek readers: thanks for tuning in, and I won’t let traffice go to my mediageekhead, because this time next week, it’ll just be you and me again.

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