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It Takes a Big Bed To Fit the FCC and Communications Industry

To nobody’s surprise, yesterday the Center for Public Integrity released a report saying that, according to the Washington Post,

“Over the past eight years, Federal Communications Commission officials have taken 2,500 business trips to global tourist spots, most of which were paid for by the media and telecommunications companies the agency oversees.”

Predictably, the FCC defends the trips, saying that their travel budget otherwise is insufficient to send those officials where they need to go.

On the other hand, I would be perfectly happy to have the FCC stay in DC and have industry types come to them. Or, even better, I’d have them stay in DC and not meet with industry types at all, if that’s the way it has to be.

Yes, that’s our FCC, bought and p

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An Alliance of Independent Media

If you can get free for the weekend of June 13-15, then you owe it to yourself to go to the Allied Media Conference, put on by the good folks over at Clamor Magazine, in Bowling Green, Ohio. The AMC is an expansion of the Underground Publishing Conference, which last year celebrated its fourth year.

I attended last year’s conference and had a blast. It was probably the most interesting, inpsiring and friendly media conference I’ve ever been to. The vibe was very cool and respectful, with a marked absence of inter-scene squabbling, or clashes over ideology. The focus was on celebrating underground media and exchanging ideas, techniques and inspirations. This tone is set by the Conference’s organizers, Jen Angel and Jason Kucsma, whose open and constructive approach to media-making is evident in Clamor, and other projects, like this Spring’s Power of Living Tour, that made a stop in Urbana.

I met lots of cool, interesting people working on all sorts of crazy, original and fun projects. I interviewed some for the mediageek radioshow, which you can listen to on-line:

  • July 19: Russ Forster has an 8-Track Mind, and the Geek Nation Will Take Over?
  • July 12: Unconventional Independent Media — interviews with Josh, stencil art enthusiast, Rich Mackin, letter writer, and Karen Switzer, who makes letter press zines and cards.
  • July 5: Porland Zine Scene — interviews with Sean Granton of the Portland Zine Symposium and Greig Means, librarian for Portland’s Independent Publishing Resource Center.

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