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Protesting the Most Evil Media Giant

People all around the country yesterday turned out to protest Clear Channel communications, the largest owner (and abuser) of radio stations in the US, in anticipation of further relaxation of media ownership rules this coming Monday, June 2.

Lisa Rein has audio and video highlights of the San Francisco protest, Pittsburgh IMC has audio from the protest in their city, the Madison IMC highlights anti-Clear Channel banners hung over the Interstate, and Code Pink DC has a pic.

T-minus three days and counting to Clear Channel TV.

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$3 Well Spent

Aj Michel, the “zine queen” (or, “zine lady, according to WEFT‘s station manager) from the mediageek radioshow, has the newest edition of her ‘zine Low Hug assembled and ready for shipping:

Castoff Culture: a guide to noteworthy books, films, LPs, musicians, television shows and more overlooked and ignored by the mainstream! Fifteen different contributors! Over forty entries!

Two fresh copies were laying on my kitchen table when I arrived home Sunday (as Ms. Michel is also an excellent and generous cat sitter), and my first perusal says it’s a good read. Two paws up.

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