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Info From Today’s Mediageek radioshow

The mediageek radioshow’s resident Zine-queen Aj Michel makes another appearance on today’s show to discuss some upcoming happenings in the ‘zine world and talk about some new ‘zines to hit the scene. Here’s references to the stuff she’ll talk about: Zine Events Zine Slam 2003 at the UC-IMC, Saturday March 15, 4PM to 6PM at […]

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Who Is the FCC’s Public?

The Washington Post reports on the rough makeup of the attendees at the FCC’s “public forum” on media ownership rules held yesterday in Richmond, VA:

“By midday, 195 of the People had made their way to the convention center here. One hundred nineteen of them were white men in suits; many of those men were grumbling about the trip down from Washington. Twenty-two people were scheduled to address the commission; 13 of them had traveled here from the District.”

Sounds more like a Communications Industry Retreat than a public forum. Realistically, aside from well-funded lobbyists, who has the time and money to travel across the country to attend some FCC forum in Richmond? Maybe people who only live a couple of hours away and don’t mind missing some work.

Otherwise this qualifies as a public forum as much having the Supreme Court pick the President counts as democracy. Oh, wait…

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