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Next 2 mediageek radio shows / Nov. 15 show on-line

Friday’s program is now available for listening on-line. The feature is an interview with Don Schellhardt of the Amherst Alliance, along with the usual news headlines. The Amherst Alliance filed a motion with the FCC asking the commission to take a second harder look at IBOC digital radio.

I will not be producing the next two mediageek radio shows — Nov. 22 & 19. In my place Jeff Nicholson-Owens, who did the interview with Brad Kuhn of the FSF last month, will be in the driver’s seat. He’ll be focusing on the Eldred v. Ashcroft case that Larry Lessig recently argued in front of the Supreme Court, along with bringing news headlines relating to civil liberties and cyberspace.

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Conflict Over Israel @ Chicago Media Watch Conference

The Chicago Reader reports on a controversy that broke out at the Chicago Media Watch’s recent conference, “Propaganda: War, Terror and the U.S. Empire.” According to the article, Sut Jhally, a communications prof at UMass, was invited to speak on how “the Israeli government is brilliantly manipulating American public opinion against the Palestinians.” But apparently […]

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