Archive | August, 2002

RaiseTheFist Editor To Be Indicted

RaiseTheFist Editor To Be Indicted From the News Kiosk: “Federal prosecutors are indicting Sherman Austin, 19 year old founder / webmaster of Raise the Fist (, an anarchist independent media / direct action network. Sherman is being charged with 2 felony violations of the following: 18 U.S.C. 842 (p)(2)(A): DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION RELATING TO […]

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RIP: Beta

RIP: Beta Yeah, and you thought it was dead ten years ago. It’s actually amazing that Beta held on until now, given that it has had little support aside from Sony for the last fifteen years. Even it’s professional-grade brethen, Betacam, it’s slowly being phased out by Sony, in favor of digital formats. Though Betacam […]

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