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I’ve got a lot of

I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire at work, then leaving town for a memorial service and then the UPC in Bowling Green (OH). So that means not much mediageek action for the next five days or so. To tide you over — USA Today reports that, “In a delay that seems to […]

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The Madison, WI Indymedia Center

The Madison, WI Indymedia Center is up and running in a temporary physical space to cover the U.S. Conference of Mayors in that city. This is the smallest city the conference has ever been held in and protestors, activists and all sorts of other people have shown up to show the mayors what’s on their […]

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And speaking of, Wired

And speaking of, Wired News reports that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against the company by former guides (aka page editors) who claim that the company unfairly reduced the page-view counts based upon which they were paid, and also has kept content up long after guides have resigned, in violation of their copyrights […]

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John Anderson, formerly of the

John Anderson, formerly of the Pirate Radio Page at, is back on-line with his new site, He’s got some low-power FM news and is working on getting his library of useful information and news archive up at the new site.

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More Clear Channel Schenanigans… NPR’s

More Clear Channel Schenanigans… NPR’s On the Media has a piece about Clear Channel’s efforts to get employees to “voluntarily” contribute to the company’s political action committee. Of course, the radio industry is well known for it’s super high wages… NOT. Click here to listen in Real Audio. Previous Clear Channel bullshit: A profile on […]

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