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Wireless Broadband Internet Gaining Steam?

Wireless Broadband Internet Gaining Steam? Yesterday’s SF Chronicle has an article, “COMMUNAL BROADBRAND; Neighbors sharing high-speed Internet access via wireless networks is popular and controversial”–the title pretty much sums it up. The wireless freenet project in Champaign-Urbana has been ramping up lately, though I haven’t had the time to be directly involved. I know those […]

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“The Revolution Will Be Photocopied”

“The Revolution Will Be Photocopied” is an article in the Sept/Oct Utne Reader on the Underground Publishing Conference. A little too short to really give a good taste of it, the article nonetheless provides a snapshot of what the event is all about. I’m pretty certain the shortness is the result of Utne Reader editorial […]

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Why We Need Alt/Indy Media

Why We Need Alt/Indy Media Guerrilla News has an interview with one of the best muckraking journalists working today, Greg Palast, a Canadian ex-pat living in Britain and working for the Guardian. In this interview Palast explains how North American media won’t touch truly controversial investigative reporting when it gets too close to corporate and […]

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A Pacifica Resolution (again)

A Pacifica Resolution (again) Yesterday the plaintiffs in four lawsuits against the Pacifica National Board came to a settlement agreement with the Board that basically mirrors the resolution the Board passed in late Nov. to transfer power to an interim board and re-establish democracy within the network. This agreement is legally binding, under a judge’s […]

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