Archive | July, 2001

DVD-R Mania

DVD-R Mania We just got a new DVD-R Recorder/Burner today at work, the $800 Pioneer DVR-A03. We’ve waited about 2 months for this unit, since the retail box version has been only available in smaller quantities. I believe the drive has already been shipping in the high-end Apple G4. For those who don’t know, this […]

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Who’s a geek?

Who’s a geek? Just read a pretty useless article on about a silly survey on supposed geek lifestyles conducted by the Industry Standard. Not otherwise blog-worthy, but for this tidbit: 9 percent own a minidisc player–a cool, useful and supported niche digital technology–and 6 percent have a laserdisc player–a cool, unsupported and recently obsolete […]

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