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So, I don’t have any

So, I don’t have any major thoughts today, but I am enjoying the hell out of Rice University’s college radio station KTRU. Very nice and eclectic mix of indie rock, avant garde experimental, and everything else, along with a very good fidelty at 64kbps Real Audio. Definitely the way college radio is supposed to be–specifically, […]

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For the Video Geeks:

For the Video Geeks: Extremetech has an exhaustive “overview and analysis” of the MPEG-4 video codec, along with comparison to other major video codecs including Real Video and Windows Media Video. I recommend it for anyone moderately familiar with the ins an outs of digital video and streaming. I also reviewed their sample clips encoded […]

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Shameless, self-promotion.

Shameless, self-promotion. Proving that Champaign-Urbana are two small towns, I’m quoted in yesterday’s edition of our local paper, the News-Gazette. The article is “Two new newspapers plan to start publishing,” which focuses on the Urbana Indymedia Center’s plan to publish a newspaper–a project I’ve been involved in and so am quoted on. The other newspaper […]

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Cheap(er) DIY Video: Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge

Cheap(er) DIY Video: Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge Digital Post Production has a review of this little box that digitizes analog video (from your VHS, 8mm or Hi-8 VCR or camcorder) and outputs it to DV (firewire, iLink). It’s intended to be used with computers that have a DV interface, like most Macs, so you don’t […]

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