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Radio Radio

Radio Radio I have a couple of short articles about radio I’d like to bring to your attention. The first is by Robert McChesney, professor of communications at the Univeristy of Illinois, entitled “Farewell to Radio,” which praises the medium for it’s simplicity, low cost and effectiveness, but mourning it’s perversion at the hands of […]

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LPFM Resurrection?

LPFM Resurrection? Jon Anderson at About’s Pirate Radio page has some more reportage on McCain’s attempt to resurrect low-power FM, along with a report on the FCC’s presecution of Doug Brewer, the former “Party Pirate.” The Feds are trying to take away his ham radio licenses due to his microbroadcasting past.

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Klose Encounter, the third try:

Klose Encounter, the third try: I still haven’t had the time to properly write up my “interview” with Kevin Klose, head of NPR, but I did discuss it for a half hour on Radio Free Conscience last Sunday. I taped the program and now I have it on-line for listening in Real Audio. Click here […]

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More on NPR Prez Kevin Klose:

More on NPR Prez Kevin Klose: First, apologies for not finishing the Klose Encounter story. My excuse: my cable modem was out all weekend (leaving me a strung-out cable-modem-junkie — damn those things are like crack). But, WILL, last week’s host to Mr. Klose, has posted on-line the program where I questioned him about low-power […]

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McCain Trying to Resurrect LPFM?

McCain Trying to Resurrect LPFM? John Anderson of pointed me to the story that Sen. John McCain has introduced a new low-power FM bill into Congress. Apparently this bill intends to undo some of the crippling of LPFM by Congress last year. The question is: Is it too late, and will any other member […]

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